7 Best Moments From Cardi B’s Tonight Show Takeover

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An animated Cardi B left Jimmy Fallon speechless when she appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show in December. But when she returned to co-host Monday’s episode (a first in the show’s history!), Fallon couldn’t help but sing the pregnant rapper’s praises. “It is so great to have you here,” Fallon told the superstar. “I’m so excited to see you that I might go into labor.”

“I might go into labor, too!” Cardi B joked. “I’m making history tonight!”

After making some jokes at President Donald Trump‘s expense, Fallon revealed he’d sent one of his writers down to 30 Rockefeller Plaza to ask moms what they know about Cardi B. As predicted, their answers were hilariously off the mark—and Cardi B couldn’t get enough of ’em.

Before long, the monologue was over and the show really began. Here, E! News recaps the seven best moments from Cardi B’s first (but hopefully not last) time hosting The Tonight Show.

1. What Can’t She Do?

“It’s me again!” Cardi B said, joining Fallon behind the desk. With a new album out, a wedding in the works and a baby on the way, Fallon wondered how Cardi B is juggling so much at once. “You know what? I don’t know if it’s the strength of the fetus, but I have never felt so hungry to succeed,” the rapper said. From there, the conversation turned to Mean Girls on Broadway and Cardi B’s touring plans after she gives birth. “I’m taking my baby with me!” she said. “Come on!”

2. Hold the Phone

At Fallon’s request, Cardi B recorded a “random audience member’s voicemail greeting”—but he didn’t expect it to be so explicit. “Hello, everybody. It’s your girl, Cardi B, and me and Angel are doing [bleep]! Ow!” she said. Fallon interjected, “Leave your name at the end of the beep!”

3. Learning a New Language

Cardi B moved to the couch, where Fallon admitted he was surprised when she revealed her pregnancy during a Saturday Night Live performance over the weekend. “I never really wanted to reveal that I had a baby. I just wanted to hide it to be an ahh. I could have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the meddling paparazzi. Meddling paparazzi! Because I was just scared of what people would think and say. I was just freaking out. I just couldn’t…I was like, ‘Well, why not? Why not present it in a beautiful, clean way?’ And then, Saturday Night Live, it’s like, why not?”

After dissecting some of the lyrics from her new album, Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B explained some of her famous catchphrases and various sound effects for Fallon and “everyone at home.”

4. An Open Book

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