7 Red Carpet Hairstyles That Will Make You Stand Out At A Festival

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Cornrows, space buns, long braids, flower-crowned styles—these are the hairstyles that have dominated in music festival culture since around 2014.

With scorching hot weather, all-day activities and epic pool parties, it makes complete sense why people continuously go for these styles. They’re super cute. They keep the hair off of your neck, for the most part. And, they’re easy to do. 

But, when festival style is all about putting your personal touch on summer trends, you don’t want to create a hairstyle that everyone else is wearing.

Cue Hollywood’s top hairstylists. Over the 2018 award season, hair pros have created beautifully epic hairstyles on the red carpet. These styles are either updates to popular hair looks like space buns or completely new trends (See: Danai Gurira‘s hair tattoo). They’re creative and cool, but they’re also elevated enough for the global stage of the red carpet.

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