Alone At Christmas? – 10 Tips To Survive (And Even Enjoy) Being On Your Own At Christmas

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Open the blinds to let the light in. If it’s mild enough then open a window even just for a short time to freshen the room. Have a lovely bubble bath or shower, wear aftershave or perfume, makeup, and get dressed. I have spent the day in my jammies however I always have a lovely bubble bath beforehand, and do my hair and make-up before putting on my cosy socks.

6. Dance Like No One Is Watching!

Put on some up-beat music and dance like no-one is watching. Okay if you don’t like dancing then how about going out for a short walk? It will lift your mood and bring a rosy glow to your cheeks.

7. Don’t Assume Everyone Else Is Having A Better Time

It would be great if we all came from loving families who got on well with each other. The truth is for a lot of people being thrown together with people who at any other time of the year you wouldn’t normally hang out with can be very stressful. If you start to wonder if everyone else is having a better time than you then make a list of everything good about being on your own from having control of the TV remote to eating what you want. You might well be having the best time of all!

8. Don’t Allow Other People To Feel Sorry For You!

One of the things I learned to avoid was well meaning friends who assumed that I was going to be miserable spending Christmas on my own. It really didn’t help feeling sorry for me. And I’m sure there are several people who used to feel unnecessarily guilty because they didn’t invite me for Christmas. The truth is I would much rather spend Christmas on my own, in my own home, with my own things around me than be somewhere else where people felt sorry for me.

9. Create A Cosy Atmosphere

Later on in the day create a cosy atmosphere. Fairy lights can create a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere along with lovely spicy scents. I used to get and decorate a Christmas Tree but if you are not into Christmas decorations then candles or a nice fire give off a lovely glow.

10. Things Change

You may have heard the phrase: This Too Shall Pass. You may be alone today but this could change. So take advantage of this time you have to be on your own. Take each Christmas Day as it comes.

If you do feel that things are just too overwhelming then here are some useful links for you:

Useful Links:

Samaritans – for confidential, non judgement emotional support

Befrienders Worldwide – for emotional support for people in distress

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