Carrie Underwood Shares New Photo Of Her Face 5 Months After Accident

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Carrie Underwood is getting closer and closer to her comeback as she continues to recover from last year’s accident.

In November, the 35-year-old singer suffered a “hard fall” right outside her home, breaking her wrist and injuring her face, which prompted her to receive more than 40 stitches. She later told her fans she may look “a bit different.” For months, Underwood largely kept her face hidden in social media posts and stayed away from the spotlight. Last week, she shared a photo of herself rehearsing, taken from a distance, but with most of her face showing.

Earlier this week, Underwood said in a letter to fans that her face is “healing pretty nicely.” She then released a new single, “Cry Pretty,” her first solo record in a year and a half, which she is set to perform at the 2018 ACM Awards this Sunday.

On Friday night, Underwood shared on Instagram another photo of her rehearsing, taken from a distance and with her face partially hidden by a microphone. It is unclear when this pic and her previous photo were taken.

“Getting ready for the weekend…#CryPretty #ACMawards,” she wrote.

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