Golden Retriever Puppies Catch-On Quick – Methods For House Training A Puppy

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Discover the secrets to potty training puppies that can have Golden Retriever puppies trained within 7 days, I did. Woo-Hoo, no more upsetting accidents to find or step in when you get up in the morning or find when you come home from work. House training a puppy help is on the way.

Instinctively, Golden Retriever puppies and dogs aim to please. They only want to do what makes you happy. When house training a puppy, it needs to be taught in a way they understand and they'll catch on quickly. These training secrets are what the professionals use and have been proven time and again to be the most effective against potty training accidents.

Sadly, the Internet has lots of information on house training a Golden Retriever puppy and house training dogs but most of it is not the best way at all. You'll often just read amateurs opinions that typically are old school and ineffective. At one time I thought that house training a puppy meant rubbing my puppy's nose in their potty training accidents and then either swatting them or telling them no was the way to teach pup potty training. That was so wrong. Without you catch them in the act, that pup potty training technique is not the thing to do. They'll only be confused and wont remember their accidents or know why they're in trouble.

Can you teach an old dog too? You bet. House training dogs that are older, or even rescue dogs, can easily learn what your house rules are. It's not only innocent Golden Retriever puppies that need to be shown where the acceptable toilet areas are. Potty training accidents can occur with any new pet. Remember, your home is totally alien to them. Whether your house training dogs or potty training puppies, there's techniques for everyone.

Golden Retriever puppies should begin potty training as soon as they are bought home. Puppies usually need to go potty after waking up, after eating, and after playing. Following any of these times, immediately show the puppy outside. Your puppy may not catch on at first, but he will, just be patient. Always praise your pup when he goes potty when and where you want him to go. If your puppy does not go while outside, quickly take him back inside so that he'll learn if he's outside he must go potty.

When house training a puppy, watch for signs that your puppy needs to go. Typically, he'll sniff, scratch at the floor, or circle around as if trying to lay down, but will not lay down. If your pup does have an accident inside, show it to them and in a stern voice tell them NO. Do not rub his nose in the mess or physically hit him. Golden Retriever puppies catch on to your disappointment fast and will know when they have done something wrong. If this happens, take him outside and if possible, take his accident with you and put it in the area that you want him to go. Then, clean up the remnants of the accident inside. You should use an ammonia based cleaner to remove the smells that might entice him back to that spot next time.

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