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Another product which removes surface skin cell build-up is salicylic acid. It performs in much the same way as benzoyl peroxide in that it stops your pores from clogging.

If you are looking for a product that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, those containing Melaleuca or Tea-Tree oil might be worth investigating. However you should be aware that many over the counter products do not have enough pure Melaleuca oil for them to be effective as a healing ingredient. You may be fooled into thinking you are getting full benefits just because this element is listed on the label. As insurance, you may want to find a reliable source of pure essential Melaleuca oil and add several drops to your current cleansers and creams.

Research shows that pantothenic acid, a B vitamin, is necessary in order for co-enzyme A to be effective. Co-enzyme A determines the production of hormones and fatty acids. While studies were too small to come to any definitive supplements, they were just compiling enough to make it worth looking at pantothenic acid as a potential acne treatment supplement.

Acne Treatments – We've Only Just Begun

Please keep in mind that despite they do improve the condition of the skin by relieving the symptoms and reducing infection, none of these ingredients alone treat the underlying causes of acne.

The best advice remains to seek a correct and accurate medical diagnosis before spending your time and money on any over the counter acne medicines. Armed with the right information, you can then confidently choose the best acne treatments that are most likely to benefit you.

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