King Robert Makes His Boldest Power Play Yet On The Royals: Dissolving The Government!

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He’s in total control now. 

King Robert (Max Brown) is playing the ultimate hand on this week’s episode of The Royals. We knew he had something to do with the blackout, and now his ultimate goal is becoming clear. He may be evil, but he’s an evil genius. 

“For too long our government has been failing us. In the past week, they have failed us most grievously,” he says during an impromptu news telecast. “I no longer trust that they have the interest of the people at heart. A people I’m sworn to protect as defender of the realm.”

While the rest of his family watches from across the palace, no one is quite sure what his next move is, but it’s sure to be a big one. “Our noble constitution contains a provision. An emergency power granted to the monarchy in times of great trouble,” he shares.

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