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love food hate waste

Love Food, Hate Waste

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Our Filipino mum and army dad always drilled into us the importance of not wasting food – it was our first kitchen lesson – so we were shocked to hear that in the UK alone, in 2015, £13 billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes. What may seem like nothing at the time all adds up and what’s more, this waste is having an impact on serious global concerns such as global warming and deforestation. It’s an environmental and economical issue – being more frugal with your food will not only help the planet and others, it will also do your pocket some good too. By making a few positive changes you can reduce your waste, save some money and possibly discover a new favourite dish too – a lot of our recipes come from using up a meal from the night before or are inspired by the contents of our fridge, freezer and cupboard. Love Food, Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a charity campaign aimed at helping people reduce food waste at home. So with Lent around the corner, they’re encouraging people to give up food waste. You can sign up to their challenge here.

We wanted to share some of our tips and tricks to help you reduce your food waste:

Think ahead – Love Food, Hate Waste Planning meals can encourage you to shop for specific meal times, meaning every ingredient you buy will definitely be used for something. It’s like when people say you should pack outfits when going on holiday, to save you carrying things you won’t end up wearing! If you’re in need of some menu inspiration, we have menu plans in our first cookbook The Art of Eating Well and our second, Good + Simple even has 1-week and 2-week meal plans complete with full shopping lists.

Stock up – Make your fridge and freezer your best friend. If we see we have plenty ingredients that need using up we cook double! Cook a double batch of your favourite casserole, curry or stew and split into 2 – freezing one half ready for future family meal or even split into individual portions a quick mid-week supper. Sunday Cook-Offs are a great time to get ahead for the week and make some of these freezer-friendly meals.

Get creative – Growing up, we watched our mum always make use of what we had in the kitchen and it’s definitely where our frugal streak comes from. Leftover roasted vegetables? Try our warm Quinoa Roast Veg Salad from The Art of Eating Well. Wilting herbs? Combine with a little olive oil, garlic, seasoning and nuts for a tasty pesto. Soft veg? Try one of our hummus or dip recipes. Too many ripe bananas need eating? It’s the perfect time to make our Cinnamon Banana Bread. More often than not there’s something those odds and ends can be used for.

Sharing is caring – Sharing food with loved ones is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so next time you make a tray of muffin frittatas or a big batch of homemade hummus, why not take it into the office to share some snacks with your colleagues? Lunch-pooling is another fun idea, where everyone brings in a dish to enjoy together picnic-style. Love Food, Hate Waste

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