Princess Diana’s Influence, A Halloween Secret Dan Suits For The Queen: 5 Surprises About Meghan Markle From New Biography

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As Meghan Markle‘s highly anticipated wedding to Prince Harry draws near, royal enthusiasts remain fascinated with the American star who stole the royal’s heart.

While fans know the 36-year-old California native rose to fame on the USA series Suits and was briefly married to Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson, there’s much more to be said about the humanitarian whose life has become intertwined with the royal family. 

Famed biographer Andrew Morton has penned a newly released biography about the star titled Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, in which he has chronicled her beginnings as a daughter splitting her time between her divorced parents through to her early acting career as a Deal or No Deal suitcase model. Naturally, the book concludes with Meghan and Harry’s seemingly fairytale romance, engagement and how she was welcomed into the royal fold. 

The book was not without a few surprises. Here are a few of the shockers from Morton’s account: 

A Foretelling Teenage Role Model

According to Morton’s account, Markle watched the late Princess Diana‘s publicized funeral with her friends and, according to Morton, was a member of a philosophy class at her high school that debated the “paradox” of Diana’s death. Morton wrote that Meghan “was intrigued by Diana not just for her style but also for her independent humanitarian mission. She saw her as a role model.” As a result, Markle and a friend allegedly collected clothes and toys to donate and her interest was so apparent that her friend’s mom gifted Markle a copy of Morton’s biography of Diana. This portion is a bit surprising considering Markle later said in an interview with the BBC for her engagement that “you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family” in the United States and also noted that she “didn’t know much” about Prince Harry. 

Bringing Home the Bacon

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