Sleep – Healthy Sleep Tips

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Following are some tips that can help you achieve better sleep

'Go to bed at same time every night and even during weekend. When our body get used to the routine, it will provoke us to sleep by sending message from our circadian clock.

'Establish a relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a warm bathtub, listening to soothing music or sipping a cup of relaxing herbal tea. With the relaxing before bedtime routine, it can help your body to ease all the tension you have and go to sleep easily.

'Relax your body before sleep. You can do some breathing exercise to relax your whole body helping it easier to go to sleep.

'Quite bedroom environment. A quiet and peaceful bedroom environment helps fallen sleep.

'Comfortable bedding. A suitable mattress, a comfortable pillows and cotton sheets helps one to fall sleep easily.

'Bed only for sleep. It is not recommend to do your works or watch TV in your bed. You should create a bedding environment for your body to recognize.

'Do not over eat before sleep and finish eating least 2-3 hours before bed. You will feel less comfortable if you eat right before bed or having heavy meal before bedtime. It will cause indigestion and affect your sleep.

'Do not exercise before sleep. Exercise will stimulate blood circulation and body muscles. It takes time to calm down your body to go into sleep.

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