Zayn Malik Makes Out With Sofia Jamora In “Let Me” Music Video

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Zayn Malik dropped a new music video for his song “Let Me” on Thursday, and there quite a few steamy scenes.

Like in his “Dusk Till Dawn” music video co-starring Jemima Kirke, the 25-year-old singer plays a character who appears to be wrapped up in a life of crime. The video even begins with the same song playing in the background as the former One Direction boy band member walks into a hotel.

Once inside, Malik enters a club and looks out at a woman (Sofia Jamora) on the dance floor. At first, it seems like the two don’t know each other; however, their relationship unfolds through a series of flashbacks.

One of these flashbacks shows Malik walking into a hotel suite. He sees the same woman in a robe and meets a man who tells him “It’s going down tonight.” The woman appears to be with the henchman. When the henchman notices Malik eyeing the woman, he asks, “You like that too, don’t you?” Malik responds, “What’s not to like?”

The next scene shows the singer exchanging briefcases with two men on a yacht. After he gets what he came for, the video cuts back to the initial scene of Malik walking through the club with the briefcase. He walks past the woman on the dance floor and hands over the briefcase to the same man he spoke to in the suite. The man then calls over the woman to join them. 

This is when things get really steamy. Another series of flashbacks shows Malik making out with the woman. So, clearly, they’re working together.

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