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– Hi, welcome to Yoga With Tim.

Yoga practice is gonnahelp you to feel healthy.

It's gonna help you to bethe best version of yourself.

Practice regularly.

So, this 15-minute at home yoga workout, designed for people who are newer to yoga, is gonna help you toget strong and flexible so that you can introduceyourself to a full yoga practice.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Let's get started.

(soft relaxing music) All right, let's begin seated.

Take a seat on somethingcomfortable, or uncomfortable.

I'm using a block, but have a seat, sit up straight and tall, bring awareness to your posture.

Most of the day, we spendunaware of our posture, and through yoga practice,we start to become more aware of the posture, and how the body canrelieve itself of pain by how we hold ourselves.

So, start by bringing your awareness to your lower back and your pelvis.

Bring the back of the pelvis in and up so that the spine can go upward, but the shoulders release back.

Turn your hands onto yourthighs, palms facing up.

Close your eyes andconnect to your breath.

So, yoga's a breathing practice.

You wanna practice nose breathing.

Breathe steady, in andout through your nose.

Feel the lungs expand as you breathe in, and feel the lungs deflateas you breathe out.

Just take two more conscious breaths.

Good, then open your eyes,but keep your focus inward.

Twist to your right.

Put your right hand behind you, left hand to the outside of your knee.

Grow the spine tall as you're twisting.

Come back to centerand twist to your left.

Inhale, breathe, the spine upright.

Lift through the back of thepelvis to your lower back.

Come back to center.

Change the cross of your legs.

Twist to your right,grow tall as you twist.

Twist to your left, situp tall as you twist.

Come back to center.

Now, interlock your fingers, turn your palms to face inside-out.

Raise your arms up,but as your arms go up, you'll feel it, because theback muscles aren't very strong, and the shoulders are tight,that you wanna sink back.

Instead, take the spine in and up and stretch up through thehands, open up your shoulders.

Bring your hands backdown, change the interlock.

Take the other index finger on top, turn your palms inside-out.

Lift through the chest, go forward and up as you stretch your arms.

Break up the tension in the shoulders, turn the thumbs up towards the ceiling, and firm your elbows in.

Let your inner arm bones drop down.

Bring your arms back down.

Good, then come on toyour hands and your knees.

Place your hands rightunderneath your shoulders, place your knees underneath your hips.

As you inhale, take yourspine into a back bend, tip your sit bones up to the ceiling, will your chest through.

Then, exhale.

From the pelvis, tuck under, round through your lowerback, middle back, upper back.

Look back at your navel.

Inhale, arch your back, and exhale, round out.

One more time, inhale, arch your back, and exhale, round out.

Then, inhale on to neutral.

Point your big toes back,take your knees wide enough for your ribs to fit in between.

Stretch your hips back to your heels, and walk your hands forward, head down.

(breathing deeply) Inhale, come back up ontoyour hands and your knees.

All right, now, let's practicestrengthening the spine.

So, with your hands rightunderneath your shoulders, open up across your chest.

Draw your belly up, curl your toes in, lift your knees up justan inch, modified plank.

Then, set your knees back down.

Stretch your right legback, and then your left.

Press down through your toes, lift on your inner thighs.

As you draw your navel up,reach your chest forward.

Then, set your knees back down.

Good, now, let's practicedownward-facing dog.

So, down dog can be difficult with the legs straight,if you're newer to yoga, so we're gonna practicewith the knees bent.

Take your hands a handprint forward.

Stretch down into your hands evenly, turn your inner arms forward.

Then, keeping a bend in the knees, lift your hips up and stretch back.

Stretch down into your hands,turn your biceps forward, and lengthen the sides of your trunk, the sides of your spine.

Reach, reach, reach.

Now, bend the knees.

Lift your hips up, stretch up through thehips, up through the thighs, and stretch throughthe sides of the trunk, down and towards the hands.

Reach the hips back.

Good, then set the knees down, and stretch back into child's pose.

Take a few breaths to recover here.

(breathing deeply) Again, come back up ontoyour hands and your knees.

Curl your toes, lift yourknees, start to stretch back.

Now, turn your heels sothey point straight back.

The feet aren't turned in or turned out.

Little bend in the knees,stretch the hips up and away.

Reach down through your hands.

Lengthen through the sides of the trunk.

Now, start to lift up through your thighs.

Breathe, lengthen to your spine, and set your knees back down.

Stretch back into child's pose.

(breathing deeply) Good, then come back up ontothe hands and the knees.

Downward dog, stretch back, and walk your feet forward.

Put a little bend in yourknees and let your head drop.

(breathing deeply) Then, place your hands onto your hips, press down to your feet.

Inhale, come all the way up to stand.

Okay, so we're gonna do a littlesun salutation to warm up, and then we'll hold acouple of static postures to open up and also build strength.

With your feet together,stand tall, upright.

Inhale, raise your arms up and overhead.

Exhale, fold forward, uttanasana.

Inhale, make a flat back.

Bend your knees so thatthe pelvis can tip, so you can lengthen your spine,like we practiced seated.

Then, step your leftleg back into a lunge.

Lower your left kneedown, point the toes back.

Inhale, raise your arms up.

Exhale, downward dog, stretch back.

From down dog, look in between your hands, step your right foot all the way up.

Inhale, up on your fingertips, lengthen.

Exhale, step your backleg forward, fold forward.

Press down into your feet, inhale, come all the way up to stand.

Exhale, fold forward.

Inhale, flat back.

Step your right leg back,lower your knee down.

Point your toes back.

Inhale, raise your arms up.

Exhale, downward dog, stretch back.

Step your left foot all the way up.

Inhale, come up onto yourfingertips, lengthen your spine.

Step your back legforward and fold forward.

Press down into your feet.

Inhale, come all the way up.

Exhale, fold forward.

Inhale, make a flat back.

This time, step right back to down dog.

Inhale, into plank pose.

Bring the shoulders to stackover the heel of the hand.

Set your knees down, loweryour chest down to the floor.

Inhale, into cobra, belly backbend.

Turn your shouldersback, open up your chest, firm your legs, and lift your kneecaps.

Lower your chest back down.

Press up onto your hands and your knees, stretch back to downward dog.

(breathing deeply) Look between your hands, walk your feet up to the front of the mat.

Inhale, flat back.

Exhale, fold forward.

Press into your feet, comeall the way up to stand, raise your arms, and bring your arms to your side.

All right, now, separateyour feet wide apart.

Spread your arms out.

Extended hands and feet pose.

Stand tall, practice growing tall through the spine as you stand with your arms spread.

Then, turn the left leg in a little, turn your right leg all the way out.

Bend your knee, warrior II.

Again, grow tall through your spine.

This will help to strengthen your core.

So, on every standing pose, it's a core strengthener ifwe practice standing upright, keeping the chest open, stretch through your back legas you bend your right knee.

Now, set your forearmdown onto your thigh.

Take your top arm up.

Again, open your chest, spinelong, stretch your back leg.

Take your top arm over your ear.

Inhale, come back up.

Extended hands and feet pose.

(exhales) Turn your feet to the other side.

Turn the right toes in a little.

Turn your left leg all the way out.

Bend your left knee, grow tall through your spine.

Feel steady on your feet so you feel your leg musclesturn on to support your spine.

Now, let your left sidedrop a little deeper, keep stretching your back leg.

Good, let's go right to the next pose.

Set the forearm down onto the thigh.

Take your arm up, expandyour chest, lift your belly.

Take your arm all the way over your ear without closing your chest.

Keep the right side of the chest open.

Reach through your backheel, stretch that leg.

Bend your knee a little deeper.

Good, then come back up.

Parallel your feet, stand tall.

Bring your hands onto your hips.

Turn your feet, turn yourright leg all the way out.

This time, pivot your back foot in a little more than halfway.

Raise your arms up tothe ceiling, warrior I.

Stretch your back leg,lift up through your belly, strong core, bend your right knee.

Five breaths.

Inhale, come back up.

Turn yourself to face theother side, hands to hips.

Stretch your back leg, openyour chest, stand tall.

Raise your arms, and bend your left knee.

Come back up, turn yourfeet so they're parallel.

Step your legs together,and stand in mountain pose.

So, just feel all the energy that's moving through your body, how open you feel afterhaving done the standing pose.

You feel strong, more flexible.

Feels good.

All right, now, let's doa little bit of core work.

I did say this was gonna be a workout.

So, sit with your legs stretchedout in front of you, and practice sitting up tall.

For most people, to tryto straighten the legs, if you haven't practiced much yoga, the back body will wannapull back and under if you try to straighten your legs, so I want you to bend yourknees just a little bit and practice lifting upthrough the back of your spine.

Keep your chest open.

Then, tip back so thatyou find your tailbone.

Balance in between yourtailbone and your sit bone, it's like a tripod.

Grip your abs and bring your knees up.

Then, lift your feet up alittle higher than your knees and open up your toe mound.

Squeeze your core muscles.

Stretch your right armforward without twisting.

Stretch the left arm forward as well.

Squeeze the abs in.

Open up the toe mounds.

Pull your belly up.

Good, then bring your hands back down, and sit up tall.

Little bend in the knees here, grow the spine upright.

Again, lean yourself back.

You got another one in you? Find the sit bones and tail.

Grip your abs to bring the feet up.


Then, take your left armforward without twisting.

Squeeze your abs to keep you steady.

Take the right arm forward.

Open up the toe mounds, keep the feet up.

Good, again.

Come back into dandasana,seated staff pose.

Grow the spine upright.

Nice, now lie down onto the back.

Bring your legs into tabletop position, fingers behind your ears.

Crunch up to your knees,exhale.

(exhales deeply) Squeeze your low abs and stretch just your right leg forward, lower it halfway.

Bring the knees back together.

Stay up, crunch up.

Send your left leg forwardand lower it slowly.

Feel all that strength in your abs here, strong core muscles.

Crunch up one more inch.

Bring your knees together,lower your head down.

Okay, one more round.

Crunch back up.

(exhales deeply) Come up strong to yourknees, pull your abs in.

Slowly stretch your right leg forward.

Don't let your lower bellyfall, pull it back in.

Bring that knee back in,crunch up one more inch.

Slowly stretch the left leg forward.

Don't lean back, staycrunched in, crunch the abs.

Bring the knees back together.

(exhales deeply) Lower yourself down, take your arms to the side.

Open up your knees, supta baddha konasana, lying down bound angle.

Feel all the opening in the hips now.

Also, take your arms out to the side, like in a cactus position.

Let the shoulders open up.

(breathes deeply) Feels so good to breathe and let the hips open.

Good, now, let's justdo a little supine twist to finish off.

So, bring your knees together, take the arms out to the side.

Cross your right ankleover your left knee, and let the legs fall over to the left.

Come back to center, changethe cross of the legs, and let the legs fall over to the right.

Good, bring your legs back to center.

You're all done, you survived.

Stretch your legs out, turn your palms up.

All right, great job, so,take this time in corpse pose to relax, let all the poses, all the strengtheningand stretching you did acclimate to the body, so the body can receivethe benefits from it.

Just relax and breathe through your nose.

Practice watching your breath.

Then, gently bend your knees and roll over to your right side.

Press yourself up to seated.

So, with your legs crossed, just like we did atthe beginning of class, bring the palms together.

Close your eyes, and just notice the shift that you feel after you practice yoga.

Feel your body, notice how the body feels, notice the quality of the breath, and also observe the shiftin the mental quality and how your mind feels,your current mental state.

So, these are the reasonsthat we keep coming back to the practice regularly.

Thanks for practicing.


All right, thanks for watching today.

I just wanna remind you thatthe benefits of a yoga practice come from practicing regularly.

So, I just encourage you to start to take up regular practice.

Practice at least three days a week and feel all the benefits that a regular yogapractice will bring you.

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