A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – Are You The Boss Dog?

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There was one thing I still wanted.

I wanted him to know it was me.

That I was Bailey.

Wait, didn't Bailey used to do that? Yeah.

It's a dog thing.


I'm Bailey.

There's gotta be a way.


That's familiar.

I smelled.


What do you got there? Where did you find that? Hey.

You wanna play? Get ready.

You have to really go after this one.

Go get it.

Good boy! Come on, bring it here.

Good one.

All right.

You go play, all right? Gotta get back.

What? What do you want? This is nuts.

All right, Buddy.

You wanna go for the showstopper? You wanna try it? You wanna get it? Ready? I am ready.


Go! Where did you learn how to do that, Buddy? You are really starting to freak me out, bossdog.

Yes, Ethan! That's right.

I'm your boss dog.

I'm Bailey.

Say it.

Boss dog? Are you the boss dog? No.


It's me, Ethan.

It's me.

Bailey? Bailey.

Boss dog.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.


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