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Hey guys welcome back to the TM channel.

Here are the Top 10 facts you didn't know about dog ears.

Number One.

According to the Guinness book of World Records a bloodhound named Tigger holds the title for longest ear.

At 13.

75 inches for his right ear and 13.

5 Inches for his left ear.

Number 2.

The dog's ear canal is L-shapped.

The ear canal is long and narrow, then bends at a 90 degree angle as it travels deeper into the ear.

So when foreign material gets in their ears, it's often difficult to get out, which is why they are prone to various ear issues.

Number 3.

Dogs use their ears to keep balance.

An inner ear infection can cause dogs to lose balance.

So If you notice your dog walking funny or wobbly, then it's recommend to visit a vet.

Number 4.

A dog's ear have over 18 different muscles and can move independently of each other.

So that's why you can see one ear pointing up and one ear pointing sideways.

Number 5.

Dog hearing aids and ear protections do exist.

Like humans they also want to hear too and protect their sensitive ears.

Number 6.

Puppies are born functionally deaf because their ear canals are shut.

but they will be able to hear within a few weeks once it opens up.

Number 7.

Dogs can hear higher frequency sounds than humans and cats.

They can also tune out certain sounds and be selective to others.

So that's why when owners pour a bowl of dog food, their dog comes sprinting down the hall or immediately wakes up from a nap to enjoy their delicious meal.

Number 8.

There are different types of dog ears and they have names for them.

Here are some of the names.

Drop Ear.

Filbert-shaped ear Rose ear Folded ear V-Shaped ear Cropped ear Button ear Cocked ear and Prick ear.

Number 9.

Certain breeds have better hearing than others because of their job or role they perform.

For example like a German Shepherds or a border collie.

Number 10.

Besides using their ears to hear better, they also use it to express emotions.

If they are pointing up or facing forward, then they are alert.

If they are pulled back, then they are relaxed and friendly.

If they are tucked or pulled way back, then they are fearful or shy.

There you guys have it.

Now go out there and look at some more dog ears.

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