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We found these two babies Friend Our friend found One mother is very old and very weak, prune baby (Carlos D) Not to be lost, but they look like Eateries Last resort, we edinicez son, Melis alışıcak now :)) *Song I swear to you, see Sounds good, but I do not know geliyo Sea and thank you very seviyom puffin, I brought him into the sea after year 🙂 I swear to you Abu Water or something like that yalıyo Thanks puffin Water crazy, maniac water But I getirmiyo sea for longer than the old job Our animal friends like the sachet not take my shit (ASD: ds) I had a uncle here, they're like an animal Let us not Well done baby, get his shit, garbage uncle's eye at the sokarca We are in it for them kurulayal my brother 🙂 God has to work on drones: D *Song VOLCANIC FU * KED UP Does my baby was sick I Kıyamam you my husband became sick I am very confused twill head: D B was very mixed video I think it was much too complicated bi video I sound really bad And we laugh like look of the moment Just 5 minutes ago Melis side was uyuyo I was so unconscious state Melis uyan! Friends, if you look at the actual end of the video was such olmicak That was not the case, but the video's progress Very different than we thought I really get the feeling of the video for it when I did that video in Have you noticed? Did you feel at that time the tunnel I always tell you? When I looked at the video, so Carlos abi 🙂 We watched the video many times alone, at a time "Oops" or stare saying 🙂 (Melis reviews) Or camel touched us: D (Volcano reviews) And also grown The first time I went to sea with us What if I say or if you actually look at the images were too complicated We went there very early morning But that's only because we're both We also do not have our team, known A little hard to oLuyo Exactly, Mr.

Fallin difficult or b: D Anyway, today it only bitmiyo Look now When we first want to start a YouTube Anytime I told you, my father brought me a CD with a camera or something: D Youtube father a principal, I said, Daddy's here respects 🙂 Youtube a major I said, my father gave us this camera abi: D CDL Bakarmısınız at work 🙂 My father said, now burn it on video after shooting my shot I said from the CD ComputerName AS: DAS: D I did not understand me: D That's given us first, our first camera beginnings Youtube But where nerden As I said such videos would go first Then there izleyince time tunnel.


First, start with instagram videos (nostalgia) That is also the one now Our whole career we passed a Youtube everything in front of our eyes that passed in front of my eyes or you know would like roll of film so that video, we decided to take such a story.

And one more thing today friends Special day, special day Friends Fido's birthday today Fido full September 7, what is the date today? 8 i Fido was born yesterday, September 7, 2009 🙂 He entered the age of 8 You hold I bring fifii: D.

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