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Hey guys it's Mahala! Welcome to my channel where I like to talk about living life with my new normal and chronic illness.

Today Ihave an announcement for you guys.

If you fallow me on social media than you have probably heard about it.

a few dozen times.

But the organization I'm working with to attain a service dog has found a prospect for me.

And his name is Fix and he's a Border Collie.

[Music] Now that we have found the prospect.

now it's time to start fundraising.


If you guys are interested in helping out.

I do have some fundraisers going on.

You can donate either directly to Sundog Taining's website.

And I'll put all the links down below.

And all thatmoney will go directly to me and fix.

for the cost of his training.

The cool think about being able to donate directly to their website.

is that there are no otherfees taken out like there are with.

GoFundMe and things like that.

And it's also easy to see where your money's going for sure.

So, that's a good thing.

And, I also have a fundraiser going on selling t-shirts and the t-shirts.

I'll put a picture of them in here.

They say, "Service Dogs SaveLives, Supporting the Fight Against.

Chronic Illness One Paw at a Time.

" And so, all the money from the t-shirt sales.

will also go towards fixes training.

If you're interested in buying those, the t-shirts are $20.

and they will shipdirectly to your house.

And that link will also be in the description.

You can also kind of read a little bit more about my story there.

because it goesinto a good amount of detail.


When it comes to fundraising, I have to raise sixthousand two hundred dollars.

for the cost of training fix.

That's not other necessities or anything included in that.

I'm also gonna bemaking monthly payments on him.

so, getting the fundraising, fundraisingrolling pretty soon will be a big help so I can try to make those monthlypayments.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my need for a service dog.

myjourney with a service dog.

and my journey with my health a little bit.


As most of you know, a year ago we were trying to train my dog Milo to be a service dog.

And we are working with a private trainer.

And I was doing a lot of the training.

and the private trainer was doing a lotof the training.


Milo was in training from about October to February.

So maybefour months or so.

He was around a year old.

when we started training.

And, the reason that, that kind of came to my mind.

was how good Milo was at respondingto my panic attacks.

Because I was having even more back then right after my brain injury.

a lot of panic attacks.

And, he was super good about responding to them.

He would immediately, if I was upset, come and like nuzzle ya know.

if I'm crying,he'll come nuzzle his face in there.

give me kisses.

He would lay on me and he would wait until I would calm down.

and could breathe better, calm down andbreathe better.

before he would even get up.

So he was really great about that.

And that's when I contacted Phil, and all of that.

The thing that happened with Milo, he did wash out in February.

And the reason is kind of the same reason thathe would make a good service dog.

He's really in tune with my anxiety.

Which was a good thing and a bad thing.

Because when we were home.

he did a great job of responding to panic attacks and anxiety and calming me down.

But if we were outin public, it kind of had the opposite effect.

He became anxious himself.

His trainer didn't think it was something we could work through.

And ultimately whatmade me decide to continue on.

and to try to find an a new service dog, was my doctor.

He was very adamant about how a service dog would be a really good thing for me.

When Itold him Milo washed-out.

he's like, "I think you should keep trying.

because I think that would be essential for you and would help you a lot.

" So.

We're like, "Okay, we'll keep trying.

" So then, I found the organization Sundog Training.

and Iput in my application with them in April.

and they had been looking for a prospectover the summer and we finally found one.

It'll take anywhere between one to twoyears before he's fully trained.

So that's what's going on.

He is in Kansas with the trainer.

They're going to do kind of like a board and train, which is, I think a big need.

because of the way things went last time with me.

I just cannot process the situation fast to know how to react.

and I wouldmiss good training opportunities or.

you know, like things I could have done a lotbetter.

because I just couldn't think on my feet fast enough.

So I think it's really great that most of the training will be done by them.

And then it'll just be kind of like us getting acclimated together as a team.

and ironing out thoselittle things.

To kind of talk a little bit about my disabilities.

I had a braininjury a year ago, a little over.

and then I had a second brain injury in April.

And so, I have a lot of issues with overstimulation and getting overwhelmed easily.

with remembering things, remembering where I park.

just being really brain foggy and out of it and confused all the time.

It's led to a lot of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I also, one of my bigger issues, is POTS.

Which is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

And basically whathappens is when I stand, my blood pressure drops and all the blood poolsin my legs.

So my heart tries to beat really really fast to compensate.

And I often faint or get extremely close to fainting.

So the good thing about aservice dog is that.

he will be able to respond to that high heart rate.

and alert me that it's going on and that I need to sit down.

before it gets to thepoint where I collapse down or faint.

I have a lot of other issues.


sensory processing problems.


muscle weakness.

and nausea.

and extreme fatigue.

And so, those things make it really hard to get around on your own.

I rarely go out in public by myself.

I hate to do it.

Just because I don't even trust my own body.

The full task list that we have beendiscussing includes.

Forward Momentum Pull.

which will help me walk.

Counter Balance.

Blocking & Covering.

Deep Pressure Therapy.

Guiding to an Exit.

Migrain Alert, if the dog has that.

Typically, it's a natural alert unlessthere are chemical changes.

So it's kind of, it's kind of one of those things that's a little up in the air.

Help Off of the Couch.

because that's one thing I really struggle with.

is the position change with POTS, getting up.

Picking up Items Off the Floor.

because bending over makes me extremely dizzy.

and causes meto get really close to fainting.

All of that is like, one of the worst parts ofmy day.

Finding Nick in the store, if we getseparated.

He'll also respond to panic attacks.

And then getting help ifsomething's wrong, or if I fallen.

Grounding, if I'm in a panic attack or adissociative state.


Alerting to high heart rate or responding to high heartrate.

Finding the car.

Retrieving items.

Like teaching him to find my phone, findmy keys.

because when you have a brain injury, you waste a lot of time looking for those things.

I also want to teach him to interrupt anxiety behavior.

My main one is biting my nails.

which they're disgusting.

And then othermobility related tasks such as like.

pushing the handicap button.

Which is really helpful when you have to use a wheelchair or a walker.

Light Switches.

Getting those because if I get down, having to get up and the posture change.

is really not fun on my body.

And then opening doors with pull straps as needed, and things like that.

So, that's his full list of tasks right now.

It's not set in stone, but that's where we're at.

So, it's really going to be essential tohelp me get around.

And right now, I rely a lot on mobility devices.

and I still probably will because there's just some distances that I can't walk regardless.

A service dog is great because they can help mitigate all sorts of disabilities.

So in conclusion to his task list.

he will basically be a Mobility Support, Psychiatric, Medical Alert Service Dog.

And he'll have a pretty big job to do.

Most of you know, that I'm not able towork because of my health issues.

and I am trying to take a couple classes.

so, I'm living off a student loan that I took out for school.

and things are extremelytight money-wise.

So basically, anything will help.

It's, It's a long journey.

I've been doing a lot of therapies.

Seeing sooo many doctors.

like 20-something doctors in thelast year or more.

I still have other chronic illnesses that are diagnosed.

EDS is suspected and gastroparesis is a possibility that we're looking into.

I've done Speech Therapy.

Functional Neurology for months.

Chiropractic Care.

Physical Therapy.

Occupational Therapy, in the beginning.

And tried countless supplements.

All kinds of different things to help.

But nothing can replace a Service Dog.


I will be running additional fundraisers.

And we're planning one with LulaRoe.

Is that how you say it? I hope.

So, if you like their clothes maybe you could hold off for a few weeks.

on placing that order.

And then some of the proceeds will be donated to me.

And LulaRoe will match acertain amount.

So, that's kind of what's going on.

And I'm sure you'll see more posts and more fundraisers in the future.

If any of you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

I just really have a lot offaith that somehow it's gonna work out.

But I need your guys's help to make thathappen.


And anything that you can donate matters.

Anything that you canshare matters.

All of that is a big help.

And I really really really Super Duperappreciate it! And all the links will be down below.

Be sure to follow me onsocial media: Facebook and Instagram.

that stuff is down below.

to stay up-to-date on new fundraisers.

up-to date on new videos.

and just my daily life and healthissues if you're interested in those things.

And thank you so much forwatching and for giving this video your time.

And I will see you guys next time.

And remember that even when it feels like your world is falling apart.

everything will be okay, eventually.


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