Puppy Dog Pals Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part6

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Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT And SUBSCRIBE Video! THANK YOU! I Know you guys would love the doggy scuba gear I made because you two love splashing in the water well I had ordered to let me see if I can oh, it says it got lost at sea lost at sea According to this your sec the second box.

Ah I really hope they find it Well, I need to get to work anyway.

Have fun being scuba dog here.

We can search the sea and find it How I know it looks like maybe it will look like this one hot off the boat near the Great Barrier Reef Wherever that is what's the last course? The Great Barrier Reef is us or the ocean or could have floated to a knightly yanks That's a lot of places to sir we better get started Really Is it this barrier reef grapefruit, it looks like the ocean is having a party down there.

Those must be dogfish fishies now remember sea pup Roley we're looking for a box with a paw print inside a bubble one bubble box of Orange coral caves and I'm in a beautiful yellow cake so I line the same cake keeps movin Roley, okay? I'm coming up throw a wet tell him that turns into purple.

We said it fell off a boat Let's head back to the surface and look for a boat.

We can see maybe wonderful will be the right boat I Don't see any boat Way out here are you on vacation with your family to want the mission to find a lost box of Bob's that fell off to Catch up with my family I better go Okay Well this boat must doing pretty cool before it went along glug glug and sinks above the ocean hey You don't think this was a pirate.


Do you I do now Well, we searched this whole thing and didn't find the missing box for Bob I know the only box around here is this one wait Maybe that's Bob's there are thousands of sea creatures around here Maybe one of them saw the Box fall off the boat and let's go find a sea creature Well then why are we moving anyway, oh the room wants us to go this way, maybe wanted the box to go this way too oh Yeah, the box ended up.

I don't know if the box is there, but I do see something familiar Jonathan the seagull Yeah, we're looking for a box, that's all awful.

Well, then you've come to the right spot What does the box look like well it looks like Bob's box.

It's but look It's a paw prints and a bubble.

This is Bob's lost box We found this Jonathan was standing in front of this this whole time here.

I'll help you grab it not so fast To see in this pause there was to see in the ocean Here, yeah, we found it Bob.

Jonathan was sitting on it.

Oh, this is so exciting I can't wait for you to to see what I got you Faster This is Important right now our bingo and Roli playing with his we're trying, but his he doesn't want to play how about this? Light-activated playing all I just don't play as much as I used you know Hey, everybody.

I found this lost kitten hiding in the bushes I'd be so sad if what have you ever got lost so I'm sure this kittens owner is really worried, too I'll make some calls at work today and trying to find her home She's probably too young to know how to talk Whiskers Micucci tail or Dino rocket blaster our visa snuggler and a cuddler Bob said he doesn't know where snowflakes home is and then her all that must be sad that she's lost And she's too young to tell us where none of those things Will be back as fast as we can okay fine Just hurry, please Bye snowflake, thanks, sissy Oops, thank snowflake oh right sorry Do you have a plan how we're gonna find snowflakes home sure do Missy says she played a lot as a kid So we need to think of things kids like to play with and then go to the places at the right place I'll check in here No cat beds lots of yarn.

Nope oops.

I'll get those Three ups are back That's a little big for you How did you even do that fine, I'll get you out just Hold still yes, this tingle up easy art Huh Smoke yes, oh yes mark loves to play why you are playful Huh well it looks like you have giddy sitting under wait Wants to but miss Stubbs any more trouble we're going outside Park will clean up inside There wasn't anyone for a kitten to play with in the park, so he had those two must be roller She's looking for a lost kitty she did seem sad just like Bob said when Bob reads that poster who know where snowflake lives so he can take But this is really high up also.

I'm not sure how to get us both down oh Don't worry earth can help Well we're both trapped in a tree so things could be better we could help Absolutely not.

Don't worry you see The whole time doesn't really make me feel hmm better It's okay just water exactly water See Snowflake get into the yard Know where she lives? Come on kitty.

Let's get you home.

Oh, thank you I looked everywhere for you Try not to get tangled up in yarn or make a mess chasing lights or get trapped in a tree But if you do, I'll be around to help you out activated I Can't tell you how excited I am for our vacation to Florida tomorrow It's the Parrot I made friends with when I first got to Florida I was feeling homesick, and he helped me feel better Koscheck That's when you feel so parents can live a long long time hmm.

I wonder if I'll ever see him again Suffering side orders of seaweed salad I still need to pack Lobster.

We're gonna play on the beach Kenny Bob was really excited about coming to the beach Maybe he's homesick You know like when he was a kid that totally makes sense I get it let your Baba blast her name is in Florida was the parent I smell a mission Bob said that the parrot back down Bob did say he first met the parent while on a walk in her garden Then we should go on a walk.

I love walks With all these trees this hump Sorry Nellie are you Bobby's bird? Roley he's not a parrot all right I just saw wings and got it yeah Bob's Burgers coconuts out of trees and eats grapes and dances and sings hey, I heard a bird singing today I could take it to him singing burns up that old overturned boat my puppy you something Just like that you are the best seagull save and pops in all of Florida Don't know what rhymes with Florida right Jonathan isn't the right kind of singing bird? He's a seagull flops bird as a pair and bobs for knocks coconuts out of trees.

I know I know Oh You know there's our board knocking compliments on that tree just like Browns were used to do Thanks for helping us find box burner Jonathan and you too Nelly after the hell Hope you get mom's bird back to Bob so he can feel better come on Roli.

Let's give it He's not moving we need to figure out how to get him to follow us what a delightful picnic at the beach Frank I just love Florida for us for the ferry Bob said is bird like drapes.

We can use them to bring him back to Bob's hotel Whoa two-thirds that both look like Bobby's border Olli there can only be one Bob's bird.

What a shame but painting things So we asked a feature film was Bob's bird a bird You know dancing? Bob's bird might need a little inspiration we need to see him dance and maybe Bob's board will decide to That first I'm saying pretty well, and it's under both the others they're all good dancers – I mean suffering side orders of seaweed salad He said the same thing Bob tears when he's frustrated suffering side orders of sea back to Bob so we can surprise back to Bob surprised By an appearance at Oxford they say who I think it is what I'd recognize that voice anywhere I'm singing and dancing and Wow Oh Suffering side orders are seaweed salad I Know stick in my bed, it's a present for you.

It's the first EP ever collected.

Oh Thanks, Oh keep it sooo more special like The captain dog headquarters her about to wash away, and that flood could have been dog headquarters Sounds like that flower on site has a car you won't learn right of course You don't have the beavers book that Beaver Dam for captain dog you mean that thing you made of sticks like kept? away exactly Oh Any chance you can teach us we know you're really busy at all wait.

I may be busy, but the Beaver Creek is always This isn't just a stick collection puppy buddy.

It's my David and You know beavers have those big teeth yeah, they're kind of hard to miss whoa we have teeth too Maybe if we can shoot out a tree like busy.

I love to no sticks though me, too How else can we knock down a tree? What's a ruling power? That's how? Welcome back have a nice flight.

Yeah, but we couldn't shoot down a tree after all This looks great is it done.

Yeah, the water is still eating through right there see Then we'll help you find a stick, that's the perfect fit Thanks for your help Washes away, that's a good thing.

We already have a you are damn looks pop-tastic.

We're practically beavers Come on It's just water Nice the water our house isn't gonna float away after all captain dogs would be proud of us right you see you see It's raining I'll fix up the backyard so it doesn't flood next time.

There's a storm But for right now What do you say we curl up on the couch and watch some? See a green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to my loving on the way.

I dropped it dropped.

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