Alexa Bliss Stresses Over Her Relationship While Lana Fights To Keep Her Name On The Roster On Total Divas

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“I didn’t want the night to be a complete bust and I did think this guy was cute, so he and I exchanged numbers,” Nia gushed.

While Nia and Alexa were dealing with matters of the heart, Lana and Carmella were fighting over their spot on WWE’s live events. 

“I just made a suggestion to Michael Hayes, because I need to be booked on live events,” Lana confessed.

“So you’re in the match and I’m not?” Carmella asked.

The tension between the pair brewed as their time in NYC continued.

“If you ever do take me off a f–king live event, we’re done,” Carmella warned.

“I never ever, would ever, ever try to take you off a live event. So if you want to believe lies like Nattie and some other people, that’s on you,” Lana suggested.

“Take food off my table? I don’t think so,” Alexa shouted as Lana walked away.

See everything that went down in this week’s episode in the recap video above!


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