The Most Popular Dog Names in the United States and Beyond – The Trends

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In the United States, there is an obvious trend toward giving pets a human name or nickname. Perhaps this is because more people are identifying with their pets almost as if they were children. Take a look at the following list of the 40 most popular names for dogs in the US:

(by gender and in alphabetical order)

Barney, Bailey, Buddy, Buster, Casey, Charlie, Cody, Duke, Harley, Jack Jake, Max, Murphy, Rocky, Rusty, Sam, Shelby, Sparky, Toby, Winston

Abby, Annie, Bo, Chelsea, Coco, Daisy, Dakota, Ginger, Katie, Lady, Lucy Maggie, Missy, Molly, Princess, Sadie, Sandy, Sasha, Sophie, Tasha

The chances are that you know of a dog or have named your dog in a similar fashion. The chances are that you also know of a person who has one of the above names.

The trend is not exclusive to the United States:

The Top 20 Names for Dogs in Australia:

Charlie, Jack, Jake, Max, Monty, Oscar, Sam, Toby, Zach

Bonnie, Chloe, Daisy, Jess, Jessie, Lucy, Molly, Sally, Sasha, Tess, Zoë

Top 20 Dog Names in the UK:

Charlie, Duke, Max, Pip, Piper, Rocky, Sam, Spot, Tiny, Zak

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