The Most Popular Dog Names in the United States and Beyond – The Trends

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Bonnie, Cassie, Daisy, Heidi, Holly, Jessie, Lucy, Polly, Susie, Trixie

While looking into the most popular dog names I found that many of these names are the same.

Popular names in all 3 of these countries:
Charlie, Daisy, Max, Sam, Sasha, Lucy

My son's name is Max; my dad's name is Charlie; my nickname is Daisy.
Please pardon me if I look around the next time you call your dog!

Appropriately, the use of human names for dogs is not exclusive to English speaking countries:

Top Names for Dogs in France:

Andre, Balzac, Camille, Corbie, Damien, Fabien, Napoleon, Romeo

Alette, Angeline, Celeste, Danielle, Dominique, Etienne, Juliet, Michelle

Dogs are "man's best friend". It makes a strange kind of sense to name them accordingly.


Source by Gerd Cornelius Pacher

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